Mr Nye is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon with a special interest in complex reconstructive surgery of the hand, head and neck. 


He also offers a full range of plastic surgical consultation and treatment for the impacts of disease, nature, accidents or time on people of all ages and from all walks of life. These include skin cancer and melanoma, hand surgery (including nerve repair and microsurgery), reconstructive surgery for scars, burns and wounds and corrective surgery for ears and eyelids, breast and abdomen.


With over 10 years of private practice experience, Mr Nye’s focus is on careful assessment and consultation before presenting you with options for treatment. He will provide you with the latest information and advancements and help you navigate the many sources of information you may already have access too. The best direction combined with both established and advancing techniques, gives you confidence in the best outcome can be achieved.


Mr Nye can offer clinic based local anaesthesia surgery where appropriate and also performs more major procedures at Southern Cross Hospital so that your procedure can be offered in a relaxed and comfortable setting with the appropriate level of support both during and after your procedure. 


He works with other specialists to provide you with complete care and refer to colleagues with particular expertise when needed. If appropriate you may be offered treatment at the time of your consultation or we can book surgery at a future date in the clinic or in hospital.

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