Working Together

The key to a successful outcome from surgery is a clear understanding and expectations about your surgery and the post-operative period. Today, rather than lack of information it is interpretation and understanding that is key.


Your initial consultation brings together information from your GP and other specialists as well as reviewing previous investigations and tests. This guides your examination and further investigation and ultimately the advice Mr Nye gives you about the best course or options for action.


Full and free follow up

After surgery, clear instruction is given about wound care, exercise limits and the need for specific follow up. Postoperative review during your recovery is included in the cost of treatment to allow you the freedom to seek advice without worrying about additional cost.


Collegial connections

Mr Nye works closely with Hand Therapists, Oncologists, Physicians and Skin Specialists to ensure the best possible outcome after surgery.  He regularly reviews complex cases with colleagues in multidisciplinary clinics and commonly operates in a team environment with other surgeons where a mix of skills is required.

Referral and Advice

There are a large number of respected colleagues and partner organisations who can add expertise and education. 


Our team is experienced in the complexities of ACC and insurance as well as coordinating return to work programs with workplace assessors.


Below are links to resources and specialists we work closely with:

  • Molecheck
  • Merivale Hand Therapy
  • SOS Nursing and Nurse Maude
  • Canterbury District Health Board Health Info
  • New Zealand Association of Plastic Surgeons
  • New Zealand Society for Surgery of the Hand
  • Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Australian Hand Surgery Society
  • ACC
  • Health Insurance Societies

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