Do you do cosmetic surgery?

My practice focus is on restoring function to allow you to regain a full and active life. Many procedures I perform will provide an improvement in appearance even if the main goal of surgery is functional. Some common examples of this are:

Many reconstructive procedures also use techniques central to cosmetic surgery such as:

I do not offer skin rejuvenation, botox or fillers and do not endorse a particular skin treatment product.

Are you able to remove a skin lesion at the time of my initial appointment?

Straightforward skin lesions may be able to be removed at the time of your initial appointment. Your insurer will usually be able to provide you with prior approval for such procedures. We are Southern Cross Affiliated providers and can handle your claim directly with Southern Cross so there is no need to gain prior approval or to pay at the time.

Is there a cost for ACC treatment?

We do not add a surcharge for ACC consultations or procedures. However if you need investigations such as x-rays or scans (ultrasound or MRI) you may be charged by the radiology service.

Even if your injury is covered by ACC, separate approval must be sought for surgery and ACC may choose to decline surgical cover. If this happens, ACC will usually allow you to return for a consult to discuss other treatment options.

Can you refer me to the public hospital for treatment?

It is important that everyone has equal access to the public hospital system. Unfortunately there is often a delay to be seen and you are not able to choose who your surgeon will be. We can refer you on to the public hospital system if you ask, through the same channels your family doctor has access to.

How long will my consultation take?

We allow 30 minutes for new consultations. This gives time for careful examination and discussion of your concerns. In many cases, straightforward treatment may be done at this time.

More complex treatment that can be performed in the Clinic may be discussed and an appropriate time and duration planned. On occasion, a simple diagnosis and reassurance is all that is required and this is given at a reduced charge.

What is the cost of treatment?

Your initial consultation will cost $197.00
Surgery in hospital under anaesthesia costs about $5000 for the first hour of surgery, which includes all hospital and specialist fees. Costs for the same procedure may vary considerably between patients dependent on the time and complexity for each individual.
Some examples of cost include:

Breast reduction between 12,000 and 20,000
Abdominoplasty between 15,000 and 20,000
Blepharoplasty between 5,000 and 10,000
Otoplasty between 6,000 and 10,000
Carpal tunnel (hospital) between 3,000 and 4,000
Carpal tunnel (clinic) 1,995 per side
Minor hand surgery - Trigger finger, mucus cyst from 1,995
Skin cancer (clinic surgery) between 750 and 850
Skin graft or flap (clinic surgery) between 1000 and 1500

Estimate of costs

From our clinic, we endeavour to give you a guide to the "all up cost". This is from many sources.

Your surgical estimate (GST incl) will highlight the following:
The Surgical fee which is not time dependent and will not change unless procedures are added
The Anaethetist's fee if sedated or under general anaesthesia - this is time dependent and estimated
Theatre costs including recovery costs and hospital stay - these are also time dependent
All the consumables used in theatre.
Implant or device costs.
Special garments, if required.
In hospital visits and care during your recovery.
Dressing changes & wound care.
Routine post-operative follow up is included in your surgical fee.
Long term review or monitoring may incur an additional follow-up fee.

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